a new way to learn your content

Quizium: a new way to learn your content

Quizium is a learning platform similar to traditional flashcards but with multiple answer modes as well as the option to show images. Lukas Schneider and I created Quizium as part of our diploma thesis.

With Quizium, you can learn your content, and also share it with your friends or the whole world on-the-go.

Discover experiences people have already created that fit your needs, or create your own content straight from your smartphone. We also plan to provide a web app in the future to empower you to create your very own learning experience with ease from your PC.

Quizium features

We built a number of features to best fit Quizium to your use cases. Our idea was to let you challenge your friends with your knowledge. Each experience contains a set of multiple choice questions and challenges with different types of media.

You can create both private and public cards to share your experience worldwide or keep it in your personal circle of friends.

Development process

Expo really simplifies the whole development process. This includes the setup of a new project and testing, as well as the build and deployment of a Android and iOS app. Expo also offers a great set of predefined components which are ready to use.

  • Expo for the whole publishing and building process
  • React Native for building the App itself
  • Ant Design mobile as a UI component libary for the interface
  • GraphQL for the data handling and backend
  • MongoDB as the database for storing the data

We had the chance to show our Project an the Expo Blog. Thanks a lot for that!